Global Education for Youth and Young Professionals

Global Education for Youth and Young Professionals

Global Education for Youth and Young ProfessionalsGlobal Education for Youth and Young ProfessionalsGlobal Education for Youth and Young Professionals

Headquartered in Dallas, TX. with subsidiary opening in Geneva, 2020. 

About VES




Valued Educational Services, LLC (VES) was built with passion and experience. Founded in 2013 by Melissa Moncrieffe, while pursuing her doctorate, she implemented the business model in 2018. 

VES was inspired by the invaluable experiences and lessons learned through her academic studies, professional career, and volunteering in communities around the world.  With youth and young professionals at the center of the company, VES has aimed to develop a framework that is informed and accurately designed. As a result, before formally launching its programs, VES’s Founder and Business Strategist worked for several years to specifically engage in diverse research with primarily youth, parents, school administrators, students, and educators. The information they gathered through formal focus groups and interviews, informal conversations, and academic research directly influenced the business model.  

Who We Are


VES relies on our core professional team that is dedicated to the mission of global education. Our team is comprised of individuals who have been engaged in government sectors, communities, academia and private businesses. They have expertise in areas that include youth engagement, economics, diplomacy, the environment, the arts, technology, immigration, and engineering. VES team members are multilingual and have worked with youth and young professional from across the globe.  

VES team members embody a wealth of experience and knowledge. Their participation is vital to the success of VES.

Along with the core team members, VES contracts with academics (e.g., migrant educators, higher education lecturers), authors, life coaches, mentors, and researchers to ensure that we have the necessary level of human resources to provide quality, diverse, and well-informed programs and services. 


Core Values and Aims

We help prepare young people to be ready for our global economy, participate within our diverse and changing communities, and develop life skills to be socially engaged, globally. With a Youth Centered Approach, we have designed programs and services based on our 6 Cs model: 

  • Communication
  • Career
  • Community Consciousness
  • Classroom
  • Confidence, and 
  • Creativity


Overview of programs and services


VES provides global education for youth, ages 11-25, and young professionals through four (4) main areas: 1) E-learning; 2) Publishing; 3) Research; and 4) Life Coaching. Through these 4 pillars, we focus on topics and issues related to global education, global leadership,  lifelong learning, transitions, engagement, and inclusion. We enhance overall learning experiences by complementing formal education and providing additional social and academic support through trusted services with professionals.

VES’s programs are unique for each group, with ongoing, year-round services so that young people can have uninterrupted support. 


Our e-learning programs provide unique content to engage with four groups of youth: 

1) Students, ages 11-18;

2) International college/university students in the US/UK/Europe;

3) College/University students in their home country; and

4) Early Career Graduates

The e-learning programs are diverse, thorough, and progressive. They are designed and implemented to develop necessary knowledge, skills, and experiences relevant to each respective group of young people. 


 VES is a small press that publish books through our supportive staff/contractors of editors, illustrators, designers, and educators ready to help make your dream of publishing a reality.  


We work to bring academic and creative voices and informed perspectives to educational discourse. Thus, VES contributes to vital areas of scholarship and writing while supporting youth and young professionals’ personal growth and recognizing their agency.


We offer personalized and group level opportunities for young people to participate, discover, and grow. These opportunities help to build life skills. Our certified life coaches and experienced educators are willing and ready to help young people create solutions so they can work through their challenges with positive expectations.  Our group sessions offer engaging workshops, in which we, at times, incorporate themes and topics from our publications.

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Have an interest and/or would like to sign up for a program? Contact us at 972-765-3627 or send an e-mail to or

You can also find VES published books online through Amazon .

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