It has been Melissa and Marcia’s longstanding passion and commitment to serve youth in our local and global communities. With the founding of VES, they continue this mission by contributing their time,  earnings, and products throughout the year, through:

  • Mentoring: Mentoring youth in high school and college who have an interest in learning more about global education, marketing and outreach, and/or assisting in project coordination; 
  • Volunteering: Helping within  non-profit, community and service organizations that aim to promote the well-being and transitions of young people. 
  • Donations: Spreading positive messages of inspiration and motivation around the world. In so doing, VES gives a percentage of its books to schools, individuals, and organizations. We are excited that VES books are currently in Nepal, India, Nigeria, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Ethiopia — being enjoyed by youth and adults alike! We look forward for this list of recipients to keep growing!

We are just as dedicated to our community outreach as we are to our clients. If you are an organization (e.g., school, non-profit, NGO), have a need, and believe VES could assist you in your mission, please contact us and provide some information on your needs, what help we could contribute, and how our contribution will advance your mission. Upon receipt, we will review your request and determine whether your mission and needs overlay with VES, and then decide how we can contribute.