For ages 12 and up. 322 pages with B&W illustrations.

People are Poems: Nature presents our timeless journeys



Author: Elizabeth George 

with illustrations by L. Samuels 

Genre: Inspirational; Non-Fiction; Family 

Published: October 2018 

Formats: Hardback, eBook 

Binding: 8.5” x 7” 

Pages: 30 

Price: $15.99 (eBook, $11.99) 

ISBN: 978-1-322846-0-9 

e-ISBN: 978-1-7322846-1-6 

An illustrated poetry collection [that] speaks to the beauty of human relationships through nature imagery. In a unique take on personification, George imbues the natural world...Through metaphors, she explore the characteristics that endear people to one another...Samuels' nature illustrations add whimsy and depth to George's words...The poet's language is lively and evokes movement. - Kirkus Reviews

Grow from Life's Yeses, Nos, and Waits: Daily Inspirational Gift Messages



Author: Elizabeth George 

with illustrations by L. Samuels 

Genre: Inspirational; Non-Fiction; Youth; Adult 

Published: October 2018 

Formats: Paperback, eBook 

Binding: 5.5” x 7.25” 

Pages: 75 

Price: $14.99 (eBook, $11.99) 

ISBN: 978-1-7322846-2-3 

e-ISBN: 978-1-7322846-3-0 



Through 11 vividly written and illustrated narrative poems, travel across the arc of time and interact with nature.  Discover a literary creative space and experience the energy and sincerity of beautifully imperfect people. People are Poems communicates the human will and capability to navigate life, even when there are unexpected turns.


A daily read of word gems and gift messages, this book helps to refresh your perspectives on how to direct your days and manage expectations.  It is important to acknowledge yourself as the most important person in your life and understand that in order to be kind to others, first be kind to yourself.  While reading, you will learn how to see through the lenses of choices and possibilities; equally, challenges will be seen as opportunities for growth.  There is no reason for you to have all the answers, and so this book provides several modes of finding your answers.  Grow from Life’s Yeses, Nos, and Waits is also written to recognize values within different responses and encourages affirmation of your best life. In any instance or circumstance, there is comfort in accepting your individuality and respecting differences in others.